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Carbon Steel


  • Bar Size
  • Galvanized
  • L (Structurals)
  • HSLA
  • Bar Size
  • C (Standard)
  • MC Ship & Car
  • MC Jr.
  •  S Beams (Standard)
  •  W Beams (Wide Flange)
  •  M Beams (Jr., H or Light)
 Bar Grating
  • Ry-Weld
  • Ry-Wedg Aluminum
  • Ry-Weld Heavy-Duty Steel Grating
Square & Rectangular Tubing
  • Square Tubing
  • Rectangular Tubing

Stair Treads, Ladder Rungs
  • Slip-Resistant Ladder Rungs
  • Stair Treads

Hot Rolled Sheet
  • Commercial Steel
  • High Strength, Abrasion Resisting
  • HSLAS-F/ High Strength

Cold Rolled Sheet
  • Commercial Steel, Oiled and Drawing Steel Aluminum Killed, Oiled
  • Commercial Steel, Embossed

Expanded Metal Sheet
  • Standard Ryex
  • Flattened Ryex
Perforated Sheet
  • Perforated sheets and plates are widely used for belt and machine guards, ventilators, screens and strainers, filters, trays and cabinets, grilles— and a variety of ornamental purposes. Ryerson quickly furnishes all popular patterns and sizes to meet your needs. Holes can be round, square, slots, hex or decorative. Material can be steel, stainless, aluminum, or nick alloys. Thicknesses from 24″ gauge to 1″ plate. Whether standard or custom call Ryerson for your perforated needs.